The Inspiration to Build

When I was a little girl, Summer was my favorite time of year, but not for reasons that you would think!

I would stay with my Grandparents all Summer, and would eagerly wake up at 6AM to take walks with my Grandpa in the Botanical Garden that was minutes from his home in Silver Spring, MD. You see, Eugene wasn't just in it for the exercise, he was also an amateur rose gardener, he specifically liked tea rose varieties, which he lovingly tended all of his adult life. This experience gave me an appreciation of formal gardens and conservatories, a lifelong love of all things horticulture, knowledge of flora and fauna (both local and exotic), the enjoyment of exercise and the outdoors, community, and mindfulness.

I believe that my most important take-away was the anchor that those beloved mornings spent in quiet contemplation and instruction gave me to my Grandfather and to his hometown.

When the COVID pandemic hit and EVERYONE was looking for something to do outdoors, I noticed that I would have to drive 2 hours to Richmond or 1.5 hours to WolfTrap to share with my young daughter one of my favorite past times outdoors! This got me to thinking, "Fauquier is the emerald gem of this beautiful Commonwealth! We should build a Botanical Garden here!"

I want my daughter (and your children, and your grandchildren) to enjoy the experience of visiting and learning at a Botanical Garden and Conservatory in their back yard! It will provide them with an anchor to our community and memories that will be preserved for generations to come.

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